Stay at the Island View Casino Resort Hotel

For those who love to spend their time pampering themselves, you must try a week of relaxation at the Island View Casino Resort Hotel Gulfport MS. In addition to being a wonderful hotel, the resort also offers a great value for those who wish to have a trip without the high cost of travel and hotel accommodation. If you are considering this, I am sure you will definitely agree with me on that point.

If you plan to visit Gulfport, Miss. and want to find a place to stay, I highly recommend that you consider the Island View Casino Resort Hotel. I can assure you, though it may be located in a high-traffic part of town, you will not be disappointed. I know I would not.

In fact, I read about it on the local news. The Gulfport News-Herald has given the resort the prestigious award of being the best hotel to stay in Gulfport Mississippi.

At the same time as that was published in the newspaper, the resort was given the prestigious award from the American Hospitality and Restaurant Association, given out by the Gulfport Restaurant Association. So how did they determine the award? Simply, the American Hospitality and Restaurant Association studies other resort hotels throughout the country to decide which hotel was the best.

Among the top five winning hotels, the Island View Casino Resort Hotel Gulfport MS was given an award for providing the best service and dining among other factors. According to this particular award, you can rest assured that you are staying in a top-notch establishment. Although the Hilton Bayou Inn has been voted the number one hotel in this particular category, the Island View Casino Resort Hotel Gulfport MS did not fail to impress their guests.

They had no trouble whatsoever accommodating their guests. There were just a few rooms that were filled; but, no matter what room you chose, you are sure to have a wonderful stay. Because of the great service and excellent food, many people I know prefer to stay at this particular hotel.

It is also nice to note that they provide excellent personal service to their guests. I can honestly say that they were very accommodating to all my requests and concerns while staying at the hotel. In fact, they helped me plan a party for a friend who was in town to celebrate his birthday.

At the same time, the Island View Casino Resort Hotel Gulfport MS gave me a great dinner as well. Their staff was extremely helpful to my friend and answered all of his questions while we were planning the party. The staff at the Island View Casino Resort Hotel Gulfport MS is truly one of a kind.

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